About Us

“As someone who has sensitive, allergy and eczema prone skin,  I was always conscious about the products I was using on my skin, but I didn't really understand anything behind the label” - Mikaela, Founder.

I grew up knowing the importance of skincare, but without the proper knowledge and understanding of ingredients, I found it hard to make informed decisions about the products I used. I just wanted healthy skin that was plump, soft, and clear with no inflammation.

It wasn't until I started researching deeper into ingredients that I found some products were not as good for me as I had anticipated. 

I started formulating my own products, and felt a huge peace of mind knowing exactly what was going in and what I was leaving out. To my excitement my skin has never been better since using my own formulations. It's now time for me to share my products with others, like you. And hope you too will see positive results with your own skin.

- Much love, Mikaela :)